All Parties Conference (APC) on Model Town Massacre

  1. All Parties Conference (APC) strongly condemns the Model Town tragedy and the purported attempt to change the wording of law regarding the finality of the prophethood.
  2. Model Town tragedy is the worst ever incident of state terrorism in which the top PML-N leadership including Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif, Rana Sanaullah, police officers and bureaucrats are involved. They injured 100 people with live bullets in Model Town for their vested political interests in the garb of removing the barriers placed on the orders of the High Court, out of which 14 people were martyred.
  3. Change in the text of oath regarding the finality of prophethood and proposed changes in relevant laws is an attack on the basis of the faith of millions of the Muslims. It, rather, is an attack on the Constitution of Pakistan because the Constitution had settled this question once and for all. Nawaz Sharif and the whole PML-N is involved in this legal terrorism. Neither have those who attacked the basis of the faith of the millions of Muslims been identified publicly nor have they been meted out any punishment. The PML-N has lost the justification to stay in power after this attack on the people’s faith. Unless those involved in the heinous attempt to do away with the laws governing the belief in the prophethood are punished, this controversy will continue to rage. The APC demands that the culprits should be meted out punishment.
  4. The APC solemnly affirms that those martyred on the unfortunate day of June 17, 2014 were not only the workers of the PAT but were also the citizens of the state of Pakistan. Waging a collective struggle to get justice for them is the fundamental responsibility of all the political and religious forces attending the APC and the multiparty moot wholly owns the struggle and efforts being made for this purpose. It is of the considered view that provision of justice in the Model Town case will prove a milestone for establishment of justice and supremacy of law at the national level in the country.
  5. The family members of the martyrs of Model Town have been able to get the copy of the Justice Najafi Commission report after an arduous struggle of three and half years, which is a glaring proof of the fact that fair investigation, transparent trial and dispensation of justice are impossible as long as the key accused including Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif remain in power. Not even a single police official was arrested despite the fact that 125 police officials were issued summons. So much so that none of the top government leaders, bureaucrats and police officers involved in planning the massacre was summoned. This is the proof of the fact that the government has miserably failed in meeting its obligation of dispensing justice.
  6. The APC holds that Justice Baqar Najafi report has held the Punjab Chief Minister and Law Minister directly responsible for Model Town tragedy. Therefore, it demands that they and all other accomplices and bureaucrats tender their resignation before January 7, 2018. The APC unanimously recommends the extension of the deadline of the 31st of December to January 7, 2018. If the accused of Model Town do not resign from their positions by the deadline of January 7, the Steering Committee will meet on the same day and announce the agitation plan.
  7. The APC demands of all federal and provincial assemblies and Senate of Pakistan to adopt resolutions based on the demand of resignations of the Punjab Chief Minister and the Law Minister who are involved in the Model Town tragedy.
  8. Two FIRs of Model Town tragedy were registered and the Punjab government constituted two Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) to probe the massacre. The statements of the injured and the bereaved family members could not be recorded by both JITs. In other words, the evidence of the complainants has not been placed on the record of any of the JIT. Recording the evidence and statements of the aggrieved, the injured and complainants is an inevitable requirement of law. Therefore, the APC requests the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the grave crime against humanity, state, and public and orders the constitution of a neutral JIT for fair, transparent and complete investigation of the massacre of defenceless people, since Model Town tragedy was a grievous human tragedy. A SC justice should be appointed to oversee the probe.
  9. The APC demands that no NRO should be given to the Sharif brothers who are involved in killings of innocent people and looting national exchequer on any internal and external pressure and nod. If an extra-legal relief is given, the nation would not accept it at all.
  10. The APC approved the formation of a committee mandated with a task to announce next course of action by the name of Steering Committee. It has been authorized to take decision in emergent situation. The Steering Committee will consist of Qamar Zaman Kaira (PPP), Shafqat Mahmood and Abdul Aleem Khan (PTI), Sheikh Rashid (AML), Senator Kamil Ali Agha (PML-Q), Nasir Sherazi (Majlis Wahdat-ul-Muslimeen), Rana Haroon (Pak Sar Zameen Party), Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan (Muslim Conference), Sahibzada Hamid Raza (Sunni Ittehad Council), Syed Ehsan Shah (Balochistan National Awami Party) and representative of Jamat-e-Islami. Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo, Jahangir Khan Tareen and Khurram Nawaz Gandapur will the coordinators of the Committee.